The Drowning Man, The Cure (acordes)

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 The Drowning Man [Faith, 1981]

Intro: [Dm - A/C# - Bb] x2
       [Gm - Gm/F# - Eb] x2

      Dm                A/C#  
She stands twelve feet above the flood 
She stares alone across the water 
     Dm                   A/C#
The loneliness grows and slowly 
Fills her frozen body, sliding downwards 

Gm              Gm/F#
One by one her senses die
The memories fade and leave her eyes 
       Gm                Gm/F#
Still seeing worlds that never were 
And one by one the bright birds leave her... 

Starting at the violent sound 
She tries to turn 
But final 
Slips and strikes her soft dark head 
The water bows 
Receives her 
And drowns her at its ease... 

I would have left the world all bleeding 
Could I only help you love 
The fleeting shapes 
So many years ago 
So young and beautiful and brave 

Everything was true 
It couldn't be a story... 
I wish it was all true 
I wish it couldn't be a story 

The words all left me 
Breathing like the drowning man 

Oh Fucshia! 
You leave me 
Breathing like the drowning man 
Breathing like the drowning man

[Dm - A/C# - Bb] x2
[Gm - Gm/F# - Eb] 

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