If The Story Is Over, Stratovarius (acordes)

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Intro:Do#m4t-La2t-Fa#m-Si x2

Once upon a time I was the scribe of all my dreams 
      La                                 Fa#m            Si 
I?ve seen the years turn into dust, now feel the rust in me 
I?ve walked the shores of Avalon, I?ve seen the seasons change 
       La                                         Fa#m        Si 
I?ve laughed and cried, I?ve lived and died, but only on the page 

La                      Fa#m
Now all I have, all I am 
All I ever was is here, on the page 
It?s all the same, it never mattered anyway 
It?s all a lie so let it burn 
Do#m       La        Mi              Si 
All empty words and all rhymes will fade 
        Do#m           La     Mi      Si 
As the light of last candle flickers away 
        Do#m     La           Mi       Si 
If the story is over, this chapter my last 
       La               Si          Do#m
Let it be my best one, let it be my own 

I hope it?s not too late to learn to live and learn to love 
   La                               Fa#m              Si 
I yearn to fight, to turn the tide before the tender dark 
For I never drew the sword from stone, there?s no Helen in my Troy 
    La                                  Fa#m            Si 
I stand alone, I stand forgotten, just gazing into the void 

      La                              Fa#m
Come night, test my will, test my soul 
Test my faith and test my heart, torn apart 
Make me strong, make me whole again and 
 La                                      Si 
Guide through the dark ?til the morning comes
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