Everything Can Change, Spectacular! (acordes)

Autor: guyguitar | 28704 visualizaciones

Key: (B) then (C#) then (E)

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
(B) -    x24442
(F#) -   244322
(E) -    022100
Bbm -  x13321
Ab -   466544
(C#) -   x46664
A -    x02220
E/G# - 476xxx
(F#m) -  244222

Intro: B---F# (B) (F#) (E) (Do) do (Do) do (Do) do (Do) Verse 1: B There's no easy way to E Figure out F# Why everything we play E Gets turned around B Nothing accidental E Got it down to a T (F#) So why (Do) things never end the way (E) you think there gonna be Refrain: (F#) If fall is for sure is (E) that no one knows that (F#) (E) (F#) Don't be too quick to decide Chorus: Bbm Ab (F#) Cause everything can change (C#) When you least expect it Bbm Ab Can't stop what you can't control (F#) (C#) Gotta learn how to just let go Bbm Ab (F#) Everything can change (C#) No, you can't perfect it Bbm Ab (F#) Some things you can't explain Interlude: (B) (F#) Yeah! E Ohhhhhh B (Do) (Do) do (Do) do (Do) (Do) (F#) (E) Ohhhhhhhh Verse 2: B There's no easy way (E) to Plan ahead F# Can't wait to get there (E) But we end up here instead B Anything can happen (E) It usually does F# Something is turned out much better (E) The way it is with us [Repeat Refrain and Chorus] Bridge: (E) (B) Think about it A E/G# Make another place F#m Cause you think you (E) (B) can Here and now A E/G# it's Your reality F#m Where you thought that you'd Never be [Repeat Chorus twice] Outro: C#[hold] Everything can change!!!
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