My Alien, Simple Plan (acordes)

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G                       C                    Em
I'm sick of being alone, when are you coming home?
Just a glimpse of your face

    G                        C                      Em            
I can remember smelling your hair, I'll meet you anywhere
Somewhere that no one can retrace
Em                           D
Somewhere where no one will know our faces

G           D
She has two arms to hold me and
Em                C
Four legs to wrap around me
G              C         D                 
She's not your typical girlfriend
C          G    C  Em         
She's my alien
D      C      
My alien

G                           C                               Em
She knows when something is wrong, when something doesn't belong
She can read in my mind
G                               C                       Em
And she can be assured that with me, there is no conspiracy
Shes not wasting her time

G                      C                    D
She can take me to the place that she calls home,
                         Em             C
in a spaceship that will someday be my own
Please take me to your leader
Em               C            G  D Em
Tell her I will surrender
C           G
I will surrender


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