Inevitable (en Ingles), Shakira (acordes)

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 Tipo: Acordes
Tono: G ó Gsus

*Verso 1:

G                     C
To be true, I must confess,

making coffee Im a mess

and I dont know anything about football

G                       C
Been unfaithful once or twice

cannot even win at dice

as for watches, I dont use one

         G       D      Em               D
To be completely honest no one things of you 

quite the way I do.
Its all the same to you now.

G                     C
To be true, I must confess

I never sleep at 12 or less

I never take a bath on Sundays

G                        C
since Im telling you so much
I cry in earnest once a month

When the weather turns to freezing

         Dsus       G     D                Em
with me, nothing is easy, Indeed, you can tell.

D              C
You know me so well.

With out you everythings a bore


D                                 G
The sky is tired of seen the rain fall

D            C
Every single time

Everything passes like the day before

D               C
Just like Yesterday.

D                G         C         D
I cant find any way to forget you because

G          C      D    G              G Gsus
to keep on loving you is inevitable

*Verso 2:

G                            C
I always thought that it was true.

When we talk about me and you

I should be the first revealing.


G  C  Gsus  D

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NOTA:Esta canción saldrá en su próximo album. 
Pero por el momento ya tienen aquí los acordes y la letra. 

Fuente original: LaCuerda
Colaborador original: José Ariza [[email protected]]

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