Witchcraft, Pendulum (acordes)

Autor: Luiscuella | 33593 visualizaciones


Tuning: EADGBe [CAPO en 1traste]

Em              C       D          Am
   It's in your eyes, a color fade out
Em       C      D        Am
   Looks like a new transition
Em              C      D            Am
   The starting up and shaking your ground
Em              C             D       Am
   Turning your head to see a new day calling

C          D                        Em
   Does it feel like a head to lean on?
A snapshot from where you were born
C                                   D
   I'm looking for your hand in the rough
You're caught in the wire
   Well I'll lift you out


Em                    C
Leading on the action
D                       Am
Caught in a cell phones rays
Em                 C
Bleeding on a sofa
D                        Am
Staring at the waistline
     Em                      C
He's coming and she knows it
D                        Am
Even though she knows why
Em                      C
Footsteps in the hallway
D                        Am
Girl you haven't got time

              Em C D Am
You gotta get out
        Em C D Am
Go far away

Darkness in the bedroom
Maybe she is resting up
Maybe she was out late
Just come back from the club
I can't hear her breathing
Something doesn't seem right
Killer in the hallway
We're living on a set time

We gotta get out
Go far away

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