Nails For Breakfast, Panic At The Disco (acordes)

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esta kansion me gusta mucho y esta bien fasil espero y les guste

Watch your mouth 
     Sol                  Lam 
your speech is slurred enough 
     Do                      Mim 
that you might swallow your tounge 
you'd want to give up the ghost 
                   Lam        Do 
with a little more poise than that 
Mim                          Sol 
Or was it god who chokes in these situations? 
Lam               Do             Mim            Sol   Lam   Do 
Running Late? No no, he called in. he called in-----. 

Mim		      Sol 	      
the hospice is a relaxing weekend getaway     
where you are a cut above all the rest	     
sick and sad patients on first name basis 

with all the top physicians         

Perscribed Pills                        
 Sol            Lam 
to offset the shakes  
to offset the pills         {Chorus} 

you know you should 
Mim   Sol             Lam    Do 
take it a day at a time 

            Mim  Sol                     Lam 
That's when you stutter something profound 
to the support on the line 
and with the way you've been talking 
Sol               Lam            Do 
every word gets you a step closer to hell. 
Mim               Sol 
No, I just can't help it. 
                Lam        Do 
To say what everyone else is thinking 
Mim     Sol         Lam      Do 
let me state the obvious again 

{Chorus x2} 

     Mim                 Sol 
I am alone in this bed, house and head 
Lam              Do           
she never fixes this but at least she 
Mim   Sol       
I Am alone in this bed 
Lam              Do 
she never fixes that but at least she 
makes me forget

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