From Death To Birth, Pagoda (tablatura)

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Pagoda - From death to birth 

 Am                          E
  F                           G

 Am, E, F, G

Am	     E		  F	  G	 
From rape to right in, too real to live

	Am		E 
should I lie down or stand up 

    F		 G
And walk around again? 

Am		    E
My eyes finally wide open up 

F  		    G
My eyes finally wide open shut 

Am		E
I finally found the sound 

F		G		
That heals the touch of my tears 

Am		E
Smells the taste of all we waste 

F		G	
Could feed the others 

But we smother each other 

	E		F
With the nectar and pucker the sour 

Of sugarsweet weather 

It blows through our trees

Swims through our seas 

F			G
Flies through the last gasp we left on this earth 

[Am E F G - 4x]
It's a long lonely journey from death to birth 

Should I die again? 

E			F		G			Am
Should I die around the pounds of matter wailing through space? 

    E		   F	           G		Am
I know I'll never know until I come face to face 

	E    F		G
With my own cold, dead face 

Am	E   F	   G
with my own wooden case

[Am E F G]

[Am E F G - 4x]
It's a long lonely journey from death to birth

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