Desert Song, My Chemical Romance (acordes) (ver 2)

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My Chemical Romance - Desert Song

[INTRO:] (Em)  (C)-maj7  2x

[VeRSE 1:]
(Em)                                       (C)-maj7
We hold in our hearts the sword and the faith  
	           (Em)                                            (C)-maj7
Swelled up from the rain, clouds move like a wraith
         (G)            C/G
Well after all, we'll lie another day
And through it all
       C/G            (C)-maj7
We'll find some other way
         (Em)                        (C)-maj7
To carry on through cartilage and fluid
          (Em)                        (C)
And did you come to stare, or wash away the blood?

     (G)              (D/F#)
Well tonight, well tonight
Will it ever come?
Spend the rest of your days
       G/B                (Am7)
Rocking out just for the dead
      (G)     (D/F#)
Well tonight
Will it ever come?
               (C)     G/B            (Am7)
I can see you awake anytime, in my head

      (C)-maj7        (Am7)
Did we all fall down? [x4]
From the lights to the pavement

From the van to the floor
From backstage to the doctor

From the Earth to the morgue

Morgue, morgue, morgue!!!!

All fall down


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