6 Minutes, Jonas Brothers (acordes)

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 Jonas Brothers 
6 Minutes  

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Verso 1- 
She's the kinda girl that you see in the movies  
Seen her in my dreams and now she's standing next to me  
Down by the shore first weekend of the summer  
Gotta take chance and just ask for her number  
I wish I had a song on MTV  
Cause in crowded room I'd be the only one shed see  
She's looking bored and now I'm running out of time  
I've only got six minutes if I'm gunna make her mine  

One minute and the earth begins to shake  
two minutes and my hearts begins to break  
Another minute and she makes me feel brand new  
That's just three minutes with you  
Four minutes and she's everything I see  
Five minutes and shes that were I wanna be  
Another 6minutes everything feels so new  
That's just six minutes with you  
I need six minutes  

Verso 2- 
She's looking at her watch while the dj is spinning  
This could be the end or its just the beginning  
She's the kinda girl that I wanna know better  
Reaching for her keys so I guess it's now or never  
I wish that I was on the radio  
I'd sing her favorite song she'd be front row at every show  
This parties lame and now I'm running out of time  
I've only got six minutes if I'm gunna make her mine  

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G                                                    D 
Sometimes I feel like the catcher in the rye  
Em                                                   C 
Sometimes I wish that I could catch her eye  
G                                             D                        C 
Sometimes I wish that I could be that guy [that guy, that guy, that guy]  

C                                Em 
Yeah...time is passing by  
I'm losing my mind  

I need  
G               D                           C 
1...2...3...4...5...6 minutes with you  

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