The Luck Of The Irish, John Lennon (acordes)

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[Sol Sol]  intro 
[Sol]If you had the [Do]luck of the [Sol]Irish 
[Sim]You'd be sorry and [Do]wish you were [Re]dead 
[Sol]You should have the [Do]luck of the [Sol]Irish 
And you'd [Sim]wish you was [Re]English [Sol]instead! 
A thousand years of torture and hunger 
Drove the people away from their land 
A land full of beauty and wonder 
Was raped by the British brigands! God***! God***! 
If you could keep voices like flowers 
There'd be shamrock all over the world 
If you could drink dreams like Irish streams 
Then the world would be high as the mountain of morn 
In the 'Pool they told us the story 
How the English divided the land 
Of the pain, the death and the glory 
And the poets of auld Eireland 
If we could make chains with the morning dew 
The world would be like Galway Bay 
Let's walk over rainbows like leprechauns 
The world would be one big Blarney stone 
Why the hell are the English there anyway? 
As they kill with God on their side 
Blame it all on the kids the IRA 
As the bastards commit genocide! Aye! Aye! Genocide! 
If you had the luck of the Irish 
You'd be sorry and wish you was dead 
You should have the luck of the Irish 
And you'd wish you was English instead! 
Yes you'd wish you was English instead! 

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