Who Said, Hannah Montana/miley Cyrus (acordes)

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C         D
I'm more than just 
A        D
Your average girl. 
C          D
I like to turn me up
 A         D
And show the world.
 C         D
Some can talk the talk 
A              D
This girl just wants to rock 
I'm individual 
I'm not like anyone 
   Em       C
I can be glamorous 
  A                   D
Just like you see in all the magazines 
 Em        C
I can be cool as ice 
Or anything I wanna be! 

   G         D             G
Who said, who said, I can't be Superman!
 D       G           D
I say, I say, that I know I can 
  G          D              G
Who said, who said, I won't be president! 
 D        G                D
I say, I say, You ain't seen nothin' yet!

Oh yeah! Yeah!! 

Ya wanna make some noise, 
Every girl has a choice. 
To live their own parade 
I Do it my way! Ow! 
I can be soft and sweet 
Or louder than the radio, radio 
I can be sophisticated or totally dull! Totally dull! I'm outta control

   G         D
There's no holding back 
   D              G
When your right on track 
  G            D
Cuz you've been told again 
  D            G
So let them know your name 
   G                 D
No limitations on imaginations 



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