Shiny Thing, Blitto (acordes)

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 G                                F
I could shine in tomorrow
I could shine in your dreams
I could shine in your password
Eb       D                   G
I could be what you need

I could feed all your narrow
If you fail, I´ll be here
I could take off your sarrow
If you are a part of me

Together we are never nothing
Forever we could be so free
United by our flying soul [fighting spirit]
Don´t think of it, let it be

Beginning could be a new end
And the finish is just like a beat
Life is holding your rope and
So don´t go and cut it, it could be

[as mum said]

Cream colored ponies and strudels
Silvers winters that melt into spring
Sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles
But You are my favorite thing


You could sine in tomorrow…

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