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My World    Avril Lavigne
 	C	Csus2
 Please 	tell me what is 	taking place,
 	Csus4                 	C
 Cause 	I can't seem to 	find a trace
 	Am	Asus5	Aadd6	Am
 	Guess it must have 	got erased some	how   	 
 	FM7	Fadd6
 	Probably cause I 	always forget,
 	F	Fadd6	C
 	everytime someone 	tells me their name 	 
 	Csus2	Csus4	C
 It's always 	gotta be the 	same  	 (In my world)
 	C	Csus2
 	Never wore 	cover up,
 	Csus4	C
 al	ways beat 	the boys up
 	Am	Asus5	Aadd6	Am
 	Grew up in a 	5000 population 	town  	 
 	FM7	Fadd6
 	Made my money by 	cutting grass,
 	F	FM7
 got 	fired by a fried 	chicken ass
 	C	Csus2	Csus4	C
 	All in a 	small town Napa	nee   	 

 	G	F	Am
 You know I 	always 	stay 	up without sleeping
 	G	F	Am
 And 	think 	to my	self
 	G	F	Am
 	Where do 	I be	long forever
 	G	Gsus4
 	In who's arms the 	time and place

 Can't 	help it if I space in a daze
 My 	eyes tune out the other way
 	F	C	Csus4	C
 I 	may switch off and go in a dayd	re	am    	 
In this head my thoughts are deep
 And some	times I can't even speak
 	G	F	G
 Would 	someone be and not pretend I'm 	off again 	in my world

(Do Intro)

 	C	Csus2
 I 	never spend less 	than an hour,
 	Csus4	C
 	washing my hair 	in the shower
 	Am	Asus5	Aadd6	Am
 It 	always takes five 	hours to make it st	raight	 
 	FM7	Fsus4
 So I'll 	braid it in a 	zillion braids,
 	F	FM7
 so 	it may take all 	friggin' day
 	C	Csus2	Csus4	C
 There's 	nothing else better t	o do any	way   	 

(Refrain 2)
 	G	F	Am
 When you're 	all a	lone in the 	lands of forever
 	G	F	Am
 Lay 	under the 	milky	way
G f Am
On and on it's getting too late out
 	G	Gsus4
 I'm 	not in love this 	time this night

(Repeat Chorus)

Interlude: FM7/G C Csus4 C Em F
 	F	C
 It 	takes some time 	Mellow out,
 	FM7/G	Em
 	party it up But 	don't fall down
 	Dm	F	G
 	Don't get caught sneak 	out of the 	house

(Repeat Chorus 2x)


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