Nightmare, Avenged Sevenfold (tablatura) (ver 2)

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Piano: Silence
D|----------------------------------| x2

       Bb           G/B          C            A/C#

Guitar 2: Distortion (This is exactly how Synyster Gates plays!!!) Dm e|------5--5-4--4-3--3-1--------------------| B|-3--3------------------3-1-3--------0-1-2-| G|------------------------------0-1-2-------| D|------------------------------------------| x3 A|------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------| Dm e|------5--5-4--4-3--3-1--------------1-3-5-| B|-3--3------------------3-1-3--------------| G|------------------------------0-1-2-------| D|------------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------| Bb G/B C A/C# e|-6--6-5-4-|-3--10-|-8--8-|-12-| B|----------|-------|------|----| G|----------|-------|------|----| D|----------|-------|------|----| A|----------|-------|------|----| E|----------|-------|------|----| Dm--- x4 Nightmare!!!!!!!! (Now your nightmare comes to life) Verse 1: F Dm Dragged ya down below F Dm down to the devils show F Dm To be his guest forever F peace of mind is less than never! F Dm Hate to twist your mind F Dm but God ain't on your side F Dm An old acquaintance severed F burn the world your last endeavor! F Dm Flesh is burning you can F smell it in the air cause Dm F men like you have such an Dm F easy soul to steal! (Steal!) F Dm So stand in line while they F ink numbers in your head Dm F you're now a slave until Dm the end of time here! F Nothing stop the madness turning haunting yearning pull the trigger! Guitar 2: Synyster Gates do this riff at "flesh is burning..." e|-----------| B|-----------| G|---2-1-0---| D|-0-------3-| x4 A|-----------| E|-----------| Chorus 1: Dm C You should have known F Bb the price of evil Dm C and it hurts to know F Bb that you belong here! Yeah! Am (hold) Ooooooooh It's your Dm-- fucking nightmare! While your nightmare comes to life! Verse 2: F Dm Can't wake up and sweat F Dm cause it ain't over yet F Dm Still dancing with your demons F victim of your own creation! F Dm Beyond the will to fight F Dm where all that's wrong is right F Dm where hate don't need a reason F loathing self-assassination! F Dm You've been lied to just F to rape you of your site Dm F and now they have the nerve Dm F to tell you how to feel! (feel!) F Dm F So sedated as they medicate Dm F your brain and while you slowly Dm go insane they tell ya F "Given with the best intentions help you with your complications!" Guitar 2: Synyster Gates do this riff at "you've been lied..." e|-----------| B|-----------| G|---2-1-0---| D|-0-------3-| x4 A|-----------| E|-----------| Chorus 2: Dm C You should have known F Bb the price of evil Dm C and it hurts to know F Bb that you belong here! Yeah! Dm C F Bb No one to call everybody to fear Dm C F Bb Your tragic fate is looking so clear yeah! Am (hold) Dm--- Ooooooooh It's your fucking nightmare! hahahaha Guitar 2: Synyster Gates Amazing Solo!!!!!!! Dm e|--------17--17-16--16-15--15-13-----------------------| B|-15--15-------------------------15-----------12-13-14-| G|------------------------------------12-13-14----------| D|------------------------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------| Dm e|--------17--17-16--16-15--15-13-----------------------------| B|-15--15-------------------------15-13-15-----------12-13-14-| G|------------------------------------------12-13-14----------| D|------------------------------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------------| Bb G/B C A/C# e|--------------|-----13-|-12--12-13-|-16--| B|-15--15-14-13-|-12-----|-----------|-----| G|--------------|--------|-----------|-----| D|--------------|--------|-----------|-----| A|--------------|--------|-----------|-----| E|--------------|--------|-----------|-----| Synyster has very fast fingers here!!! you should too in order for you to play this riff, he did is a combination of shredding and sweeping here!!! Dm(all the way) e|-17--------------------16--------------------15---16--15--13-| B|--------------------15--------------------15-----------------| G|--------------14-15-----------------14-15--------------------| D|-----12-14-15--------------12-14-15--------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------| e|-15-13----------13-15-13----------13-| B|-------15----15----------15----15----| G|----------14----------------14-------| D|-------------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------| e|----------------------------17--16--17-| B|--------10--11--10--15--18-------------| G|-7--10---------------------------------| D|---------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------| Bb G/B C A/C# e|-15--17--13-|-----13-|-12--13--15-|-16-| B|------------|-15-----|------------|----| G|------------|--------|------------|----| D|------------|--------|------------|----| A|------------|--------|------------|----| E|------------|--------|------------|----| Dm(all the way), tr = means trill e|-10tr--13-8tr-15-7tr-10-5--8--4--3----| B|--------------------------------------| G|--------------------------------------| D|--------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------| not sure about this part e|-----------------0-1-3-5-6-8-10-12-13-17-13----------| B|-------------1-3----------------------------15----15-| G|-------0-2-3-----------------------------------12----| D|-0-2-3-----------------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------| Bb G/B C A/C# e|-13--12h13p12h13-|-15--13h15p13h15-|-----13h15p13h15-|-16--15-| B|-----------------|-----------------|-13--------------|--------| G|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|--------| D|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|--------| A|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|--------| E|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|--------| Matt Shadows laughs: hahaha... Dm(all the way) e|---------------------------17\10-| B|---------------------------------| G|-5----5-4--3--0------------------| D|----0-----------3-0---0----------| A|--------------------3------------| E|---------------------------------| Verse 3: Dm(all the way) Fight! (fight!) Not to fail! (fail!) Not to fall! (fall!) Or you'll end up like the others!! Die! (die!) Die again (die!) Drenched in sin! (sin!) With no respect for another!! Guitar 2: Synyster continues his fast solo Bb(all the way) e|-------10-13-10----------|-18--17-| B|----11----------11----11-|--------| G|-10----------------10----|--------| D|-------------------------|--------| A|-------------------------|--------| E|-------------------------|--------| x3 Dm(all the way) e|------------------------| B|------------------------| G|-5----5-4--3--0---------| D|----0-----------3-0---0-| A|--------------------3---| E|------------------------| Verse 4: Dm(all the way) Down! (down!) Feel the fire! (fire!) Feel the hate! (hate!) Your pain is what we desire!! Lost! (lost!) Hit the wall! (wall!) Watch you crawl! (crawl!) Such a replaceable liar!! Bridge: Bb C And I know you hear their voices Bb (calling from above) C And I know they may seem real Bb (these signals of love) But our life's made up of C Bb choices (some without appeal) G/B C They took for granted your soul A/C# Dm--- and it's ours now to steal As your nightmare comes to life!!
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