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The Beatles, Think For Yourself

{Intro:} G G# Am 
	    Dm	      Bb 
I've got a word or two, 
         C                    G    G# Am 
To say about the things that you do 
	        Dm	      Bb 
You're telling all those lies, 
           C                   G               Am 
About the good things that we can have if we close our eyes 
Do what you want to do, 
And go where you're going to 
Think for yourself, 
     D                      G 
'Cos I won't be there with you 
I left you far behind, 
The ruins of the life that you have in mind 
And though you still can't see, 
I know your mind's made up you're gonna cause more misery 
Although your mind's opaque, 
Try thinking more if just for your own sake 
The future still looks good, 
And you've got time to rectify all the things that you should
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