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The Beatles, Girl


         Cm        G             Cm       
Is there anybody goin' to listen to my story
Fm             Bb               Eb   G
All about the girl who came to stay?
          Cm                G               Cm        
She's the kind of girl you want so much it makes you sorry;
Fm                  Bb           Cm  
Still, you don't regret a single day.  
    Eb Gm/D Fm/C Bb7  Eb Gm/D Fm/C Bb7
Ah, Gi________rl!     gi________rl!    
When I think of all the times I've tried so hard to leave her
She will turn to me and start to cry
And she promises the Earth to me and I believe her.
After all this time I don't know why.
Ah, Girl! Girl!
Fm                                  C                                        Fm  C
She's the kind of girl who puts you down when friends are there, you feel a fool
Fm                                  C
When you say she's looking good she acts as if it's unterstood.
       Fm        Ab
She's cool, ooh, ooh, ooh.
Eb Gm/D Fm/C Bb7 Eb Gm/D Fm/C Bb7
Gi_______rl!     gi_______rl!    
Was she told when she was young the fame would lead to pleasure?
Did she understand it when they said?
That a man must break his back to earn his day of leisure?
Will she still believe when he's dead?
Ah, Girl! Girl!

Encerramento e Riff [o Riff é formado só pelas palhetadas duplas] 

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12344ºXX6544variar ouvir Bb
1236ºXX876Xvariar ouvir Bb7
1234X1313Xvariar ouvir C
123X32010variar ouvir Cm
123X3101Xvariar ouvir Eb
1234XX1343variar ouvir Fm
12343ºXX3564variar ouvir Fm/C
12345º8865XXvariar ouvir G
123320003variar ouvir Gm/D
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