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Snuff, Slipknot

Esta cancion tiene como adorno, despues de cada Am se toca un Em solamente como adorno ejemplo. un rasgueo en Am,otro rasgueo en Am e inmediatamente usamos el Em [ solo un rasgueo ] y cambiamos a F. despues este mismo procedimiento se repite solo que esta vez sera de F a Am un rasgueo en F, otro rasgueo en F y de inmediato un rasgueo en Em y cambiamos a Am. Espero que les guste Saludos a todos..!!! Snuff - Slipknot Intro: Am F [x2] Am F Bury all your secrets in my skin Am Come away with innocence, F And leave me with my sins Am The air around me still feels like a F cage Am And love is just a camouflage F For what resembles rage again... Am F [x2] Coro: G So if you love me, let me go F And run away before I know G My heart is just too dark to care F I can't destroy what isn't there G Deliver me into my Fate F If I'm alone I cannot hate G I don't deserve to have you... F Uh, my smile was taken long ago If I can change I hope I never know Am F [x2] [2x] Am F I still press your letters to my lips Am And cherish them in parts of me F That savor every kiss Am I couldn't face a life without your F light Am But all of that was ripped apart... F when you refused to fight. Coro: G So save your breath, I will not hear F I think I made it very clear G You couldn't hate enough to love F Is that supposed to be enough? G I only wish you weren't my friend F Then I could hurt you in the end G I never claimed to be a Saint... F Uh, my own was banished long ago Am F [x2] Coro: G So break yourself against my stones F And spit your pity in my soul G You never needed any help F You sold me out to save yourself G And I won't listen to your shame F You ran away - You're all the same G Angels lie to keep control... F Uh, my love was punished long ago If you still care, don't ever let me know Am F If you still care, don't ever let me know.. Am F [x2] Am
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