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Down with my baby, Kevin johansen

A F#m I gonna get down with my baby A C#m And i gonna get down with her soon D She’s on her way B And i just can’t wait G She’ll be back by C This afternoon C e|------------0---------------------| b|------------1---------------------| g|-----0------0---------------------| d|---2--------2---------------------| a|-3----------3---------------------| E|------------0---------------------| Esta es la parte q se le une la guitarra electrica: A(5) F#m I gonna get down with my baby A(5) C#m C#m7 And i gonna get down with her soon D She’s on her way B And i just can’t wait G She’ll be back by C B This afternoon Final: A F#m/B I gonna get down with my baby Estas son las frases q agrega: I´ve been waitin´for this moment, baby Knowing all along that it was goin´to happen Even through the moments of doubt, baby I knew you´d come through You owed it to yourself, baby You were with him for way too long Trapped in you own fears for almost 8 years And all you had to do was wake up and walk out Cause I was here waitin´all along And now you know That you belong to yourself Not to him, not to me And you chose me Thank you A(5) F#m C#m D B G C e|-(2)----2---4---2---2---3---0------| b|--2-----2---5---3---4---0---1------| g|--2-----2---6---2---4---0---0------| d|--2-----4---6---0---4---0---2------| a|--0-----4---4--(0)--2---2---3------| E|--------2---4-------2---3---0------| Parte con guitarra distorsionada: A F#m C#m C#m/7 D B G C F#m/B e|--5---2---4----4-----5---7---3---8---2---| b|--5---2---5----5-----7---7---3---8---2---| g|--6---2---6----4-----7---8---4---9---4---| d|--7---4---6----6-----7---9---5---10--2---| a|--7---4---4----4-----5---9---5---10--4---| E|--5---2---4----4-----5---7---3---8---2---| Cualquier duda o corrección mandenme un mail. Suerte Fuente original: LaCuerda
Colaborador original: Francisco Vallejos [[email protected]]
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