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Tell Me, SOJA

Intro: Dm C F Gm Dm C From the very first time I saw you F Gm I felt my whole life and it was all new Dm C I felt my knees get weak, my heart went crazy F Gm I felt some yes and no, I even felt some maybes Dm C I'd climb a mountain top, I'd swim an ocean too F Gm Get down on my knees only if it was for you Dm C I think that I would do about anything F Gm You're in my dreams and in the song I sing Dm C Come on tell me, tell me tell me, anything F Gm And I will believe you Dm C Tell me, tell me, tell me not to go F Gm And I will never leave you Dm C Tell me, tell me, tell me I'm yours F Gm Tell me that you're the same Dm C F Gm Oh tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, anything
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