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Walk, Foo Fighters

Intro: A A E A million miles away Bm Your signal in the distance Dm To whom it may concern A E I think I lost my way Bm Getting good at starting over Dm Every time that I return A E Do you remember the day Bm We built these people mountains Dm And sat and watched them burn A E I think I found my pain Bm Can't you feel it growing stronger Dm Little conqueror A Now E For the very first time F#m Don't you pay no lie D Dm Set me free again A You keep alive a moment at a time But still inside a whisper to a liar E To sacrifice but knowing to survive The first to find another state of mind F#m I'm on my knees, I'm waiting for a sign D Forever, whenever Dm I never wanna die A I never wanna die I never wanna die I'm on my knees Never wanna die E Dancing on my grave Running through the fight Forever, whenever Never wanna die F#m Never wanna leave Never say goodbye D Forever, whenever Dm Forever, whenever Final: A
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