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I Remember You, Skid Row

Intro / Versos: G Cadd9 E|-3-3-3--3-------|-0-0-0--0---------| B|-3-3-3----------|-3-3-3----0h3p0---| G|-0-0-0----------|-0-0-0----------0-| D|-0-0-0--------2-|-2-2-2------------| A|-2-2-2----0h2---|-3-3-3------------| E|-3-3-3----------|------------------| G G Woke up to shoothing sound of Paint a picture of the Cadd9 Cadd9 Pouring rain Days gone by G G Wind would whisper and I'd When love went blind and you would Cadd9 Cadd9 think of you. Make me see. G G And all the tears you cried they I'd stare a lifetime in- Cadd9 Cadd9 Call my name -to your eyes D D And when you needed me So that I knew that you were C C I came through. There for me D So that you yourself were C There for me. coro: G D Remember yesterday, Walkin hand in hand Em C D Love letters in the sand, I remember G D you. Through the sleepless nights Through every endless day Em C D I wanna hear you say I remember G Cadd9 you. G Cadd9 Verso 2: G Cadd9 We spent the summer with the top rolled down. G Cadd9 Wished ever after could be like this. G Cadd9 You said I love you babe with out a sound. D C I said I'd give up my life for just one kiss. D C Live for your smile, and die for your kiss. coro: G D Remember yesterday, Walkin hand in hand Em C D Love letters in the sand, I remember G D you. Through the sleepless nights Through every endless day Em C D I wanna hear you say I remember G Cadd9 you. G Cadd9 [ G ] Ponte: Am Em We had our share of hard times But thats the price we pay C D And thru it all, we kept the promise that we made... D I swear you'd never be lonely G Cadd9 Solo: G Cadd9 G Cadd9 D C D C G Cadd9 G Cadd9 E|---------------------------------------| B|-------------------------5-7-8~-8p7-8--| G|-------------------4-5-7---------------| D|-----------2-4-5-7---------------------| A|-----2-3-5-----------------------------| E|-3-5-----------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------| B|-7h8-----------------------------7[h]-----| G|-----7h8------------------------------7/--| D|---------10-7-10-7----7-9-7---------------| A|-------------------10-------10------------| E|------------------------------------------| E|-------------------10s15-15--12-10----------| B|--------------8s10-----------------12-10-8~-| G|-----------7--------------------------------| D|----7-9-10----------------------------------| A|-10-----------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------17[h]------/19~-17h19p17-19--| B|-10b-8h10-8-10-8------------------------------------| G|-----------------9-7-9------------------------------| D|----------------------------------------------------| A|----------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------/--------------------| E|-/7--------7-----------------------------------------| B|----7-8-10---10-8-7-8--------------------------------| G|----------------------9-7----------------------------| D|-----------------------------7-9-10----7-9-10-9------| A|--------------------------10--------10-----------10~-| E|-----------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------| B|-8~-5s7------------------------/8~--------------| G|--------7s9------------------------/7~-4[h]-----| D|------------9/-7h9-9-7-5-7-9-5~-------------5~--| A|------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------| G Cadd9 Woke up to the sound of Pouring rain Washed away a Dream of you But nothing else could ever take you away D C Cause you'll always be my Dream come true Oh my Darling, I love you. [repeat chorus several times] Outro: G Cadd9 G G E|----------3---------------0---------------3---------------3/5-3--------------3----| B|------------3---------3-----3---------------3---------3---3/5-3--1/3-1-------2----| G|------0-------0---------0-----0-------0-------0---------0--------0/0-0-------0----| D|--------0-------0---2-----------2-------0-------0---2------------2/4-2-------0----| A|----2-------------3-----------------2-------------3--------------------------2----| E|--3-------------------------------3------------------------------------------3----| Cadd9 E|--0 |o---- B|--3 |---3- G|--0 |o---- D|--2 |--1-- A|--3 |---2- E|--X |X----
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