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Carrie, Europe

intro:Mim-Sol-Do-Sol-Lam-Sol-Do-Re-Lam-Sol-Do-Re-Sol Sol Mim Sol Do Sol Lam a]when lihts go down i see no reason for you to cry Sol Do Re Mim Sol Do we've been thro' this before in every time in every season Sol Lam Sol Do Re god knows i've tried so please don't ask for more Do Re Do Lam Re Do Re can't you see it in my eyes weel this might be our last good bye Sol Re Mim Re Do Re Mim car rie car rie Re4 Re Sol Re Sol Re Do Re Mim things they change my friend car rie car rie Re4 Lam Sol Do Sol maybe we'll meet again somewhere again a]i read your mind, wth no intensions of being unkind, i wish i could explain it all takes time, a whole lot of patience if it's a crime,how come i feel no pain can't you see it in my eyes this might be our last goodbye
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