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Unleashed, Epica

F#5 Keep hiding All colors fading Desiring They're coming for me Bm Back in the day I can recall that, D-------------------A-----------Bm My thoughts were unclouded and saint Bm-----------------------Em-----------------A There was no black state in the walls of my memory Bm Now there's a haze pushing me side a ways, -----D---------A-----------Bm And leaving me nothing to gain Bm--------------------------Em------D Taking me back, lurking me cold in disparity G-------------------Bm There was I meant to be -----------------------G I feel I'm lost in a dream --------------Em---------F# Long for the day I can be myself [Chorus:] Bm When I'm free A When my sun has set G Release my soul forever E F# G A Bm I have no regret to be free A I'll exists again D No more lost endeavor E F# Nothing to contain G A Bm When I'm free Call and decline so it defines me It's falling away far behind Nothing to keep me with the time The human eye Where am I meant to be? I feel I'm lost in a dream Again and again only to be myself [Chorus] Bm A Time is a concept and always the first thing to fade Bm---------------------------------------------A Hiding in a weakness something we can never refain Bm------------------------------A Years of crewl -- decay and despair Bm--------------------------------------------------A Are we a wrong perception something we can never regain\repair [Choir] C#5 - D#5 - E5 - F#5 C#5 - D#5 - E5 - F#5 E5 - F#5 - G5 - A5 E5 - F#5 - G5 - A5 No one to blame, facing me random Nothing will ever explain, so it reclines Where was I meant to be I feel I'm lost in a dream Long for the day I can be myself When will I be unleashed It's not the way it should be Again and again only to be myself, [Chorus] [turn up 1 step]
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