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Big Time Rush, Big Time Rush

[riff] 1|----------------------------------------------------| 2|----------------------------------------------------| 3|----------------------------------------------------| 4|-------------4------2-------------------------------| 5|-------2------2-------2-----5----0--2---------------| 6|----------------------------------------------------| Oh Oh Oh OHH Bm D G Oh Oh Oh OHH [riff 2x] Bm Make it count, play it straight G Don't look back, don't hesitate Bm G When you go Big Time Riff Bm what you want what you feel G never quit and make it real, Bm G when your all [big time!] [riff] G Hey! Hey! A Bm Listen to your heart now G Hey! Hey! A Bm Dont you feel the rush? G Hey! Hey! A Bm Better take your shot now G Oh, ohhh. Oh, OHH! [coro] Bm D G Go and shake it up, what you gotta lose? Bm D G Go and make your luck with the life you choose. Bm D G If you want it all, lay it on the line. Bm D G It's the only life you got so you gotta live it Big Time Bm D G Oh, Oh, Oh, Ooooh [riff 2x] Bm G Step it up, get in gear, go for broke, make it clear, Bm gotta go Big Time G [Ohh?Heeey] Bm G Make it work, get it right, change the world Bm overnight, [gotta dream Big Time. ] ? Tapping? [Ohh-Ohh] G A Bm [Hey! Hey!] Give it all you got now. G A Bm A [Hey! Hey!] Isn?t it a rush?! G A Bm [Hey! Hey!] Finish what you start now. G Oh, Ohhh. Oh, OHH!. [coro] G Em Look around, A Bm A Bm every light is shining now, its brighter somehow. G Em Look around, A Bm A Bm nothing's really as it seems, nothing but dreams. G Em You and I, A Bm A Bm Gonna make a brand new sound, like we own this town. G [Like We Own This Town] Em We can fly, A Bm A Bm now our feet are off the ground, and never look down. G Welcome to the Big Time. Bm All the pretty people see you walkin' in the sunshine, G welcome to the good times. Bm A Life will never be the SAAAME!. [coro] Bm D G Oh, Oh, Oh, OHH, [riff 2x] Bm D G If you want it all, lay it on the line. Bm D G Bm It?s the only life you got, so you gotta live it Big Time!!!
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