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Slide, Goo Goo Dolls

Intro [X2]: [gtr 1] e|----------------------------| B|----3---3------3----3--3----| G|---0-0-2-2----0-0--0--------| D|--2---0---0-----------------| A|-------------3--------------| E|------------------3---2-----| Intro [X2]: [gtr 2] d|-------------------------------------------| D|-----0---------0----------0---------0----0-| G|-------0---------0----------0-------0----0-| D|---5---------7-----0----5------------------| A|-7---------5----------3--------------------| D|----------------------------------5----4---| Verse 1: [gtr 1&2] E D Could you whisper in my ear C The things you wanna feel G I'd give you anythin' To feel it comin' E D Do you wake up on your own C And wonder where you are? G You live with all your faults : [gtr 1] e|----------0| B|-----3----3| G|----0-0---0| D|-0h2---2--2| A|----------3| E|----------0| : [gtr 2] D|-------------------0-| D|----------0--------0-| G|------------0------0-| D|--------4-----0----5-| A|-0--3/5---------0--3-| D|-------------------0-| I wanna wake up where you are I won't say anything at all C G So why don't you slide C Yeah, I'm gonna let it slide Verse 2: [gtr 1&2] E D Don't you love the life you killed? C The priest is on the phone G Your father hit the wall Your ma disowned you E D Don't supposed I'll ever know C What it means to be a man G It's somethin' I can't change I'll live around it I wanna wake up where you are I won't say anything at all C G So why don't you slide Ooh, slide Bridge: [gtr 1&2] C G And I'll do anything C G You ever dreamed to be complete C G D Little pieces of the nothin that fall E Oh, May D Put your arms around me C What you feel is what you are G And what you are is beautiful C Oh, May D Do you wanna get married C Or run away?
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