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A Tout Le Monde, Megadeth

F#m E Don't remember where I was B G A I realized life was a game F#m E The more seriously I took things B G A The harder the rules became F#m E I had no idea what it cost B G A My life passed before my eyes F#m E I found out how little I accomplished B G A All my plans denied F#m A So as you read this know my friends B F#m I'd love to stay with you all F#m A Please smile when you think of me B D My bodys gone thats all Estribillo F#m A tout le monde E A tout les amis B Je vous aime F#m Je dois partir A These are the last words C#m I'll ever speak B D And they'll set me free F#m E If my heart was still alive B G A I know it would surely break F#m E And my memories left with you B G A There's nothing more to say F#m A Moving on is a simple thing B F#m What it leaves behind is hard F#m A You know the sleeping feel no more pain B D And the living are scarred [Estribillo] [solo] F#m E B G A G# B So as you read this, know my friends C# G# I'd love to stay with you all G# B Please smile, smile when you think about me C# E My bodys gone thats all [Estribillo x2] [Solo 2] F# E B G A F# E B C# G# D A B F# AGUANTE MEGADETH ======EL LOCO=====
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