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The Only Exception, Paramore

100% correcta Intro: B - F#m - E x2 Verse 1: B When I was younger I F#m saw my daddy cry E And curse at the wind B He broke his own heart and I watched as he tried F#m E To reassemble it B And my momma swore that she F#m E would never let herself forget B And that was the day that I promised F#m I'd never sing of love E if it does not exist But darling Chorus: B You are the only exception F#m E You are the only exception B You are the only exception F#m E You are the only exception Interlude: B Verse 2: B Well maybe I know somewhere F#m deep in my soul E That love never lasts B And we've got to find other F#m ways to make it alone E Or keep a straight face B And I've always lived like F#m this keeping a comfortable E B Distance And up until now i swored to myself that I'm F#m E content with loneliness E Because none of it was ever worth the risk Well... [Repeat Chorus] Interlude: C#m--B-F#- x2 Guitar 2: C#m B F# e|-16--14--------14-|-16--14-|------------| B|---------11-12----|--------|-11--12-----| G|------------------|--------|---------11-| D|------------------|--------|------------| x2 A|------------------|--------|------------| E|------------------|--------|------------| Bridge: C#m I've got a tight grip on reality B But I can't let go of F# whats part of me here C#m i know you're leaving in the morning when you wake up B Leave me of some kind of F# E--- [hold] proof it's not a dream ohh [Repeat Chorus twice] Outro: A E And I'm on my way B to believing A Oh and I'm on my E B[hold] way to believing esta es una transcripcion de [email protected] en www.ultimate.guitar.com
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