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Unplugged In New York(completo), NIRVANA

Soy ?Son todos putos? y aca les dejo el unplugged completo de Nirvana sacado a oído por mi. Todas las canciones llevan (La) afinacion [(E) (A) (D) (G) (B) (E)] excepto On (A) Plain, Something in the way y All Apologies donde se afina[(D) (A) (D) (G) (B) (E)] About A Girl Come As You Are Jesus Don't Want Me For A Sunbeam Man Who Sold The World Pennyroyal Tea Dumb Polly On A Plain Something In The Way Plateau Oh Me Lake Of Fire All Apologies Where Did You Sleep Last Night --- About A Girl [Kurt Cobain] - Bleach Acordes: (E5) - 022x00 (G) - 320033 or 320003 (C#5) - x466xx (G#5) - 466xxx (F#5) - 244xxx (A5) - x022xx (C5) - x355xx (E5) (G) (E5) (G) I need an easy friend (E5) (G) (E5) (G) I (Do) with (A) hand to lend (E5) (G) (E5) (G) I (Do) think you fit this shoe (E5) (G) (E5) (G) I (Do) what you have (A) clue (C#) (G#) (F#) I'll take advantage while (C#) (G#) (F#) You hang me out to dry (E5) (A5) (C5) (E5) (G) (E5) (G) But I can't see you every night free (E5) (G) (E5) (G) I (Do) I'm standing in your light I (Do) hope you have the time I (Do) pick up number two I (Do) keep (A) date with you [Repetir estribillo] Solo: 3x E-------------------------|- B-------------------------|- G----------------7--7/9-9-|- D-----5-7-7/9--9----------|- A-7-7---------------------|- E-------------------------|- [Repetir 1º verso y estribillo] (E5) (A5) (C5) (E5) (G) (E5) (G) I can't see you every night free (E5) (G) (E5) (G) (E5) (G) (E5) (G) (E5) (G) (E5) (G) I (Do), I (Do), I (Do) --- Come As You Are [Kurt Cobain] - Nevermind Acordes: (F#) - 244322 A - x0222x (B) - 22444x (D) - x0023x Riff [va en el intro y todos los versos] E---------------------------------------------|- B---------------------------------------------|- G---------------------------------------------|- D---------------------------------------------|- A---------------0-----0--------------2--------|- E--0--0--1--2------2-----2--2--1--0-----0--0--|- Come as you are, as you were As I want you to be As a friend, as a friend As an old enemy Take your time, hurry up The choice is your Don't be late, take a rest As a friend As an old (F#m) (A) (F#m) (A) (F#m) (A) (F#m) (A) Memoria, memoria, memoria, memoria Come dowsed in mud, soaked in bleach As I want you to be As a trend, as a friend As an old memoria memoria, memoria, memoria Estribillo (B) (D) And I swear that I don't have a gun No I don't have a gun No I don't have a gun Solo: 4x E---------------------|------------------------|- B--6-9-11-11\6-6-9\11-|-6-9-11-11-13-11-11-9\6-|- G---------------------|------------------------|- D---------------------|------------------------|- A---------------------|------------------------|- E---------------------|------------------------|- memoria, memoria, memoria, memoria And I swear that I don't have a gun No I don't have a gun [Repeat 5x] memoria --- Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam [Eugene Kelly/Francis McKee] Acordes (E5) - 022x00 (D) - xx0232 A - x02220 (Asus4) - x02230 Intro: (E5) (D) (A) (Asus4) (A) [Repetir 2x] (E5) (D) (A) (Asus4) (A) Jesus don't want me for a sunbeam (E5) (D) (A) (Asus4) (A) 'Cause sunbeams are never made like me (E5) (D) (A) (Asus4) (A) Don't expect me to cry, for all the reasons you had to die (E5) (D) (A) (Asus4) (A) Don't ever ask your love of me (E5) (D) Don't expect me to cry (E5) (D) Don't expect me to lie (E5) (D) (A) (Asus4) (A) Don't expect me to die for thee [Repeat Verse and Chorus] [Repeat Intro] [Repeat Chorus] [Repeat Verse and Chorus] [Repeat Chorus] [Repeat Intro] --- Man Who Sold The World [David Bowie] Acordes: A - x0222x (D5) - xx023x (F) - 133211 (C) - x3555x (G) - 355433 (Bb) - x1333x Intro 6x E--------------------|- -|-----|- B--------------------|- -|-----|- G--2-2-2-0--2h3p2-0--|- -|--2~-|- D--------------------|- -|-----|- A--------------------|- -|-----|- E--------------------|- -|-----|- (A) We passed upon the stairs, (Dm) We spoke of was and when (A) Although I wasn't there (F) He said I was his friend (C) Which came as a surprise (A) (Dm) I spoke into his eyes -- I thought you died alone (C) A long long time ago (C) - Riff (F) - Riff E-----------------|- -|-----------------|- B-----------------|- -|-----------------|- G-----------2-4-5-|- -|-----------------|- D-----2-3-5-------|- -|-----------0-2-3-|- A-3-5-------------|- -|-----0-1-3-------|- E-----------------|- -|-1-3-------------|- (F) Oh no, not me, (Bb) (F) We never lost control, (C) (F) You're face to face, (Bb) (A) With the man who sold the world [Repeat Intro] (A) I laughed and shook his hand, (Dm) I made my way back home, (A) I searched for form and land, (F) Years and years I roamed, (C) I gazed a gazely stare, (A) (Dm) We walked a million hills -- I must have died alone, (C) A long long time ago. (F) Who knows, not me, (Bb) (F) I never lost control, (C) (F) You're face, to face, (Bb) (A) With the man who sold the world. [Repeat Intro] [Repeat second chorus] [Repeat Intro] Outro E-------------------------------------------------------- B-------------------------------------------------------- G--2-2-2-0--2h3p2-0--2-2-2-0--2h3p2-0--/9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-- D-------------------------------------------------------- A-------------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------- B------------------------------------------------------- G--\2-2-2-0--2h3p2-0--2-2-2-0--2h3p2-0-/10-10-10-10-10-- D------------------------------------------------------- A------------------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------- B------------------------------------------------------- G-\9-\7-7-7-7-7-7-/9-9-9-9-9-\2-2-2-0-2h3p2-0-/10-10-10- D------------------------------------------------------- A------------------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------- B------------------------------------------------------- G-10-10-\9-\7-7-7-7-7-7-/9-9-9-9-9-\2-2-2-0-2h3p2-0--2-- D------------------------------------------------------- A------------------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------- --- Pennyroyal Tea [Kurt Cobain] - In Utero Acordes: (Am) - x02210 (G) - 320033 or 320003 (C) - x3555x (D) - x5777x (Bb) - 688xxx Intro 2x (Am) (G) [(E)] [(G)] [(E)] (Am) (G) I'm on my time with everyone (Am) (G) I have very bad posture (C) (D) (Bb) Sit and drink Pennyroyal Tea (C) (D) (Bb) Distill the life that's inside of me (C) (D) (Bb) Sit and drink Pennyroyal Tea (C) (D) (Bb) I'm anemic royalty Give me a Leonard Cohen afterworld So I can sigh eternally I'm so tired I can't sleep I'm anemic royalty I'm a liar and a thief I'm anemic royalty I'm on warm milk and laxatives Cherry-flavored antacids Sit and drink Pennyroyal Tea Distill the life that's inside of me I'm anemic royalty I'm anemic royalty Outro: (Am) --- Dumb [Kurt Cobain] - In Utero Acordes: (E5) - 022x00 G[i] - 355433 G[ii] - 320033 or 320003 (Bm) - x2443x (C) - x3555x [During Verse strum : (E5) G[i]] [During Chorus strum: (E5) G[ii]] [In bridge switch to: (Bm) (C)] I'm not like them But I can pretend The sun is gone But I have a light The day is done But I'm having fun I think I'm dumb Or maybe just happy Think I'm just happy [Repeat 3x] My heart is broke But I have some glue Help me inhale And mend it with you We'll float around And hang out on clouds Then we'll come down And I have a hangover Have a hangover [Repeat 3x] Skin the sun Fall asleep Wish away The soul is cheap Lesson learned Wish me luck Soothe the burn Wake me up [Repetir 1ºverse y Estribillo] I think I'm dumb [Repeat 12x] --- Polly [Kurt Cobain] - Nevermind Acordes: (E5) - 022x00 (G) - 320033 or 320003 (D) - x0023x (C) - x3555x (Bb) - x1333x [During verse strum each line : (E) (G) (D) (C)] [During chorus strum each line: (D) (C) (G) (Bb)] Polly Wants a Cracker I think I should get off her first I think she wants some water To put out the blow torch It isn't me, we have some seed Let me clip your dirty wings Let me take a ride, don't hurt yourself I want some help to help myself I've got some rope, you have been told I promise you, I've been true Let me take a ride, don't hurt yourself I want some help to help myself Polly wants a cracker Maybe she would like more food She asks me to untie her A chase would be nice for a few [Repeat chorus] Bass bridge: Repeat 2x G-------------------------|- D----------0-0-0----------|- A----------------3-3-3-3--|- E--0-3-3-3----------------|- Polly said Polly says her back hurts And she's just as bored as me She caught me off my guard It amazes me, the will of instinct [Repeat chorus] --- On A Plain [Kurt Cobain] - Nevermind Voicings: [dropped-(D) tuning!] (D) - x 5 7 7 7 x D/G - 5 5 7 7 7 x A - x 0 2 2 2 x F/Bb - 8 8 101010 x (F5) - 3 3 3 x x x (E5) - 2 2 2 x x x (G5) - 5 5 5 x x x [Main Riff: (D) D/G (A) [(F#)] [(G)] [(F#)] [(E)]] [Chorus : (D) D/G F/Bb] [Bridge : (F5) (E5) (A) (G5)] I'll start this off Without any words I got so high that I scratched 'til I bled Love myself Better than you I know it's wrong So what should I do? The finest day That I ever had Was when I learned To cry on command [Repeat "Love myself..." part] I'm on a plain I can't complain I'm on a plain My mother died Every night It's safe to say Don't quote me on that [Repeat "Love myself..." part] The black sheep got Blackmailed again Forgot to put On the zip code [Repeat "Love myself..." part] [Repeat chorus] Somewhere I have heard this before In a dream my memory has stored As defense I'm neutered and spayed What the hell (Am) I trying to say? It is now time To make it unclear To write off lines That don't make a sense [Repeat "Love myself..." part] One more special Message to go And then I'm done And I can go home [Repeat "Love myself..." part] [Repeat chorus] --- Something in the Way [Kurt Cobain] - Nevermind Voicings: [Dropped-(D) tuning!] (F#5) - 444xxx D5[i] - 000xxx D5[ii] - x0023x [Pick during verse : (F#5) D5[i]] [Strum during chorus: (F#5) D5[ii]] Underneath the bridge The tarp has sprung a leak And the animals I've trapped Have all become my pets And I'm living off of grass And the drippings from the ceiling But it's ok to eat fish Cause they don't have any feelings Something in the way, Mmmm... Something in the way, yeah, Mmmm... Something in the way, Mmmm... Something in the way, yeah, Mmmm... [Repeat verse] [Repeat chorus 2x] --- Plateau [Curt Kirkwoord] Voicings: (G) - 320x33 (Bb) - 650x66 (Fsus2) - 1xx011 (G#) - 4xx044 Main Riff E--3-------6-------3-------6-------3-------6-------1-----|- B------------------------------------------------------1-|- G----------------------------------------------------0---|- D-----[0]-----[0]-----[0]-----[0]-----[0]-----[0]--------|- A---[2]-----[5]-----[2]-----[5]-----[2]-----[5]----------|- E--3-------6-------3-------6-------3-------6-------1-----|- Pre-chorus Chorus E--4------|- -|--1/3------------------------3--------|- B------4--|- -|--1/3-------------3-----3----3-----6--|- G----0----|- -|------------------3-----3----------7--|- D---------|- -|---------5--x-----3-----3----------8--|- A---------|- -|---------5--x--1-----------5----------|- E--4------|- -|-------3-------------1-----3---/6-----|- Many a hand has scaled the grand old face of the plateau Some belong to strangers and some to folks you know Holy ghosts and talk show hosts are planted in the sand To beautify the foothills and shake the many hands There's nothing on the top but a bucket and a mop And an illustrated book about birds You see a lot up there but don't be scared Who needs action when you got words When you're finished with the mop then you can stop And look at what you've done The plateau's clean, no dirt to be seen And the work it took was fun [Repeat Chorus] Well the many hands began to scan around for the next plateau Some said it was in greenland and some in mexico Others decided it was nowhere except for where they stood But those were all just guesses, wouldn't help you if they could Pre-outro E--4----------------4---6-----------------6--|- B---------4-------4------------6--------6----|- G--------------------------------------------|- D------0-------0------------0-------0--------|- A----3-------3------------5-------5----------|- E--4--------------------6--------------------|- Outro E-[0]--------------------------0-----|---------------------------------|- B--------------0-------2---------1p0-|-----2-------0-------0-------1p0-|- G------2-----2---2---2-------2-------|---2-------2---2---2-------2-----|- D----2-----2-------0-------0---------|-2-------2-------3-------0-------|- A--0-----0---------------3-----------|-------0---------------3---------|- E------------------------------------|---------------------------------|- --- Oh Me [Curt Kirkwood] Voicings: (E) - x22100 (D) - x0023x (C) - x32010 (G) - 320003 (C5) - x3555x (D5) - x5777x (E5) - x7999x Main Riff [NC] (E) [NC] (D) [NC] (D) (C) (E) E-------------0--|---------------|-------------------|------0--------0--|- B-------------0--|-------------3-|------------3------|------1-0-0----0--|- G-------------1--|-------------2-|------------2--0-0-|------0-0-0----1--|- D-------2-2-2----|------2--0-0-0-|------2-0-0-0--0-0-|--2-2--------2----|- A---0-2---2-2----|--0-2----0-0---|--0-2---0-0--------|--3-3--------2----|- E-4--------------|-4-------------|-4-----------------|-------------0----|- Chorus [Repeat 4x] End Of Chorus (G) (E) (C) (D) (E) E-3--3-3-3-----0-|- -|-------------0-----|---------------0--|- B-0--0-0-0-----0-|- -|-------------1-----|-----3---------0--|- G-0--0-0-0-----1-|- -|---------0-0-0-0-0-|-2-2-2-2-2-----1--|- D-----------2-2--|- -|------2--2-2---2-2-|-0-0-0-2-2-0-0----|- A-----------2-2--|- -|--0-2----3-3---3-3-|-0-0---0-0-0-0----|- E-----------0-0--|- -|-4-----------------|------------------|- If I had to lose a mile If I had to touch feelings I would lose my soul The way I (Do) I don't have to think I only have to (Do) it The results are always perfect And that's old news Would you like to hear my voice Sweetened with emotion Invented at your birth? I can't see the end of me My whole expanse I cannot see I formulate infinity And store it deep inside of me Solo E---------------------------3/2-----------2/5-5-5-3-2---------------------|- B-------------------3-3^5~------5--[3-5]-5-------------5/3-----------3-5~-|- G------------2-4~------------------------------------------4-2-2-2/4------|- D------2-2h4--------------------------------------------------------------|- A--0-2--------------------------------------------------------------------|- E-4-----------------------------------------------------------------------|- [Repeat verses and chorus] Outro: (C5) (D5) (E5) --- Lake Of Fire [Curt Kirkwood] Voicings: (Gm) - 3553xx (G5) - 355xxx (F5) - 133xxx Bb5 - x133xx (Bb) - x13331 (C5) - x355xx (Dm) - xx0231 (Dsus2) - xx0230 A - x02220 Main Riff (Gm) G5\F5 Bb5 (Gm) (C5) Bb5 E------------------------------------------------------- B-----------------------------------5b6r5b6r5-3--------- G-----------------------------------5b6r5b6r5-3--------- D------------------------------------------------------- A------------------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------- (Gm) G5\F5 Bb5 (C5) (F5) (G5) E------------------------------------------------------- B------------------------------------------------------- G---------------------------------5--5-----5------------ D---------------------------------5--5-----5--3--3--5--- A---------------------------------3--3-----3--3--3--5--- E---------------------------------------------1--1--3--- (Gm) (F5) (G5) (Gm) (F5) (G5) E------------------------------|----------------------------------------- B------------------------------|----11~-11~-11~-11~-11~-11~\--6~--6~/8~-- G------------------------------|-/10--10~-10~-10~-10~-10~--\5~--5~--/7~-- D---------------------3--------|----------------------------------------- A-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-3---1---5----|----------------------------------------- E-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-1-------3----|----------------------------------------- (Gm) (F) (Bb) Where (Do) bad folks go when they die? (Gm) (C5) (Bb) They don't go to heaven where the angels fly (Gm) (F) (Bb) They go down to the lake of fire and fry (C) (F) (Gm) (Gm) (F) (G) (F) (G5) Won't see 'em again till the fourth of july (Dm) (Bb) I knew a lady who came from duluth (Dm) (A) She got bit by a dog with a rabid tooth (Dm) (Bb) She went to her grave just a little too soon (C) (Dm) (Dsus2) And she flew away howling on the yellow moon [Repeat Chorus] Now the people cry and the people moan And they look for a dry place to call their home And try to find some place to rest their bones While the angels and the devils Fight to claim them for their own [Repeat Chorus] (Gm) (F) (G5) (Gm) (F) (G5) SOLO E------3---------3--------------------------------------- B--2-3---3--6b7------6----------------------------------- G----------------------5-3------------------------------- D--------------------------5-3----------------------3-5-- A------------------------------5-4-3----------3-4-5------ E------------------------------------6-3----6------------ E-------------------------------------------------------- B--3b4---------------6~----6~---------------------------- G--3b4-------[0]-5/7----7~----7\5--3--------------------- D-------5----------------------------5-------0-3---3----- A-----------------------------------------/5-----5---5--- E-------------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------3------------------------ B--------------------6~------/3---3-7-3------------------ G----------------5/7----7\--------------3-5-------------- D-------------------------------------------3---5-------- A--3----------------------------------------------------- E----6-3-3-3----------------------------------3---------- E-------------------------------------------------------- B--3b4------3b4-----3b4---------------------------------- G--3b4------3b4-----3b4---------------------------------- D------5-5------5-------5-3------------------------3----- A---------------------------5-4-3------------3-4-5------- E---------------------------------6-3----3-6------------- E---------------------- B---------------------- G------[3]-----[4]----- D--3h5-----[3]-----5--- A---------------------- E---------------------- --- All Apologies [Kurt Cobain] - In Utero Voicings: [Dropped-(D) tuning!] (G5) - 555xxx (D5) - 000xxx (A5) - 777xxx or x022xx Main Riff E----------------------|----------------------|- B----------------------|----------------------|- G----------------------|----------------------|- D----------------------|----------12-12-9-10--|- A---9-10-9-12-12-9-10--|---9-10-9-------------|- D-0--------------------|-0--------------------|- E----------------------|----------------------|- B----------------------|----------------------|- G----------------------|----------11-11-9-----|- D----------------------|------------------12--|- A---9-10-9-12-12-9-10--|---9-10-9-------------|- D-0--------------------|-0--------------------|- Chorus (G5) (D5) (G5) (D5) (G5) (D5) (G5) (D5) (A5) (D5) (A5) E---------------------------------------------|- B---------------------------------------------|- G---------------------------------------------|- D-5-5-5--0-5-5-5--0-5-5-5--0-5-5-5--0-7--0-7--|- A-5-5-5--0-5-5-5--0-5-5-5--0-5-5-5--0-7--0-7--|- D-5-5-5--0-5-5-5--0-5-5-5--0-5-5-5--0-7--0-7--|- What else should I be All apologies What else should I say Everyone is gay What else could I write I don't have the right What else should I be All apologies In the sun In the sun I feel as one In the sun In the sun I'm married Buried I wish I was like you Easily amused Find my nest of salt Everything is my fault I'll take all the blame Aqur scafoam shame Sunburn with freezeburn Choking on the ashes of her enemy [Repeat Chorus] I'm married Buried, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah All in all we all are [Repeat 13x] --- Where Did You Sleep Last Night [Huddie Ledbetter] Voicings: (E5) - 022x0x or 022x00 A - x0222x (G) - 320033 or 320003 (B) - x2444x B/F# - 22444x Intro: (E5) [(E)] [(F#)] [(G)] [(E)] (A) (G) (B) B/F# (E5) [Repeat 2x] (E5) (A) (G) My girl, my girl, don't lie to me (B) B/F# (E5) Tell me where did you sleep last night (E5) In the pines, in the pines (A) (G) Where the sun don't ever shine (B) B/F# (E5) I would shiver the whole night through My girl, my girl, where will you go I'm going where the cold wind blows In the pines, in the pines Where the sun don't ever shine I would shiver the whole night through Her husband, was a hard working man Just about a mile from here His head was found in a driving wheel But his body never was found [Repeat first verse] Interlude: play verse progression [Repeat second verse gently] [Repeat first verse loudly] My girl, my girl, where will ya go I'm going where the cold wind blows In the pines, the pines The sun, the shine I'll shiver the whole night through [Repeat Interlude]
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