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Santeria, Sublime

Title: Santeria Band: Sublime Intro: E Ab e-------------------- E---------------- b-------------------- B---4------------ g-----9-------9-9---- G-----5---------- d---9---9---------9-- D-------6-------- a-7-------7-7-------7 a-----------6-2-4 e-------------------- E-4-------4------ Dbm B e-------------------- E---2------------ b-----------5-------- B-----4---------- g-----6-------6------ G-------4-------- d---6---6-------6---- D---------------- a-4-------4---------- a-2-------2------ e-------------------- E---------------- E, Ab, Dbm, B Verse 1: E Ab I don`t practice santeria I ain`t got no crystal ball Dbm B I had a million dollars but I`d, I`d spend it all E Ab If I could find that Heina and that Sancho she`s found Dbm B Well I`d pop a cap in Sancho and I`d slap her down Chorus: A B E Dbm All I really wanna know my baby A B E Dbm A All I really wanna say I can`t define B E Dbm It`s love that I need A B But my soul will have to Verse 2: Wait `till I get back, find a Heina of my own Daddy`s gonna love one and all I feel the break, feel the break, feel the break And I gotta live it up Oh yeah, uh huh, well I swear that I Chorus: All I really wanna know my baby All I really wanna say I can`t define That love will make it go My soul will have to... Solo Chorus All I really wanna say my baby All I really wanna say is I`ve got mine And I`ll make it yes I`m comin` up Tell Sanchito that if Verse 3: He knows what is good for him he best go run and hide Daddy`s got a new 45 And I won`t think twice to stick that barrel straight down Sancho`s throat Believe me when I say that I`ve got something for his punk ass Chorus Well I really wanna know my baby What I really wanna say is there`s just one way back And I`ll make it yeah my soul will have to wait Chorus Riff: A B E Dbm e-5-------7----------------------- b---5-------7-----9--------------- g-----6-------8-----9---------6--- d-------7-------9-------9-6-----6- a---------------------7-----4----- e--------------------------------- Solo: [right after he says "My soul will have to..."] ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- -------------9--11^--11-9-8-8p6-8`- ---------9h11---------------------- -7---7/11-------------------------- ----------------------------------- ~~~~~~~ -----------------------------------------------0- ------------------------------------------------- --6-6p4-------------------------------------456-- -------6/9-------------------------------456----- -----------10^-7-9p7------------------456-------- --------------------9/12-9---[4]--456----------- ~~~~~~ --7^-9p7---------------------------- --------9-7875--------------------- ---------------6-8986----5--------- ----------------------8-6---6-11---- ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------ -----9---------9------------------------------| ------10--------10--------[7]-----------------| 11^-----9-11^-----9-11^-v-----11h12-119-9-67-| ----------------------------------------------| ----------------------------------------------| ----------------------------------------------| ...oooooooooohhhhhh...
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