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My Heart Will Go On, Celine Dion

Intro: Guitar solo: Dm Csus4 Bbadd2 Csus4 E----1-3---5-----3--1-3--8---6--5---1------------- B-------------------------------------3-----1----- Dm Csus4 Bbadd2 E----1-3---5-----3--1-3--8--5-8--10--12---13---15- B------------------------------------------------- Guitar Acoustic: At the end of the riff, do on Bbadd2: E-----------------------1-------------------------- B-------------1--3--5---1-------------------------- G----------3------------2-------------------------- D-------3---------------3-------------------------- A----1------------------3-------------------------- E-----------------------1-------------------------- Verse: F C Every night in my dreams, Bbadd2 F C I see you, I feel you F C Bbadd2 That is how I know you go on. F C Far across the distance Bbadd2 F C and spaces between us F C Bbadd2 you have come to show you go on. Dm C Bbadd2 C Near, far, wherever you are Dm C Bbadd2 C I believe that the heart does go on. Dm C Bbadd2 C Once more you open the door Dm Am7 and you're here in my heart Bbadd2 F C and my heart will go on and on. Dm - Csus4- Bbadd2 F C Love can touch us one time Bbadd2 F C and last for a life time F C Bbadd2 and never let go till we're one. F C Love was when I loved you Bbadd2 F A7/C# one true time I hold to Dm Am7 Bbadd2 in my life we'll always go on. Dm - Csus4 - Bbadd2 - Csus4 - Dm - Csus4 - Bbadd2 - A7 (here'is the best moment :))) F#m E Dadd2 E You're here, there's nothing I fear F#m E Dadd2 E and i know that my heart will go on. F#m E Dadd2 E We'll stay forever this way F#m C#m7 you are safe in my heart Dadd2 A E A and my heart will go on and on. A - E - A - A - D - D - D - A
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