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The man who sold the world, NIRVANA

Man Who Sold The World the man who sold the world TUNING: Down a Half-Step (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb) acordes A - x0222x D5 - xx023x F - 133211 C - x3555x G - 355433 Bb - x1333x Intro: esta cancion es para dos guitarras y la 2a toca las notas que estan arriba (a,d,f) A D F -|------------------------------------------------------------------------|- -|------------------------------------------------------------------------|- -|--2-2-2-0-2h3p2-0-----2-2-2-0-2h3p2-0---2-2-2-0-2h3p2-0--|- -|------------------------------------------------------------------------|- -|------------------------------------------------------------------------|- -|------------------------------------------------------------------------|- verso: We passed upon the stairs... A D5 We spoke of was and when... D5 A Although I wasn't there... A F He said I was his friend... F C Which came as a suprise... C G A I spoke into his eyes... D5 I thought you died alone... C A long, long time ago... etc.. Chorus: cuando la guitarra 1 esta tocando c y f la segunda guitarra toca las escalas de c y f mayor C escala mayor: -|-----------------------|- -|-----------------------|- -|--------------2-4-5--|- -|------2-3-5----------|- -|--3-5----------------|- -|----------------------|- F escala mayor: -|---------------------|- -|---------------------|- -|---------------------|- -|------------0-2-3--|- -|------0-1-3--------|- -|--1-3---------------|- C Oh no... F Not me... Bb F I never lost control... C You're face... F To face... Bb A With the man who sold the world... [repite el intro ] cualquier comentario escribanme a [email protected]
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