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Love Street, The Doors

Love Street [By: The Doors] Intro: Am G Gm F Am G She lives on Love Street, Gm F lingers long on Love Street. Am G She has a house and garden, Gm F I would like to see what happens. Am F She has robes and she has monkeys, Gm F lazy diamond studded flunkies. Gm Am Bb Fmaj She has wisdom and knows what to do, Gm Fmaj Bb A7 has me and she has you. [Repite los mismo acordes] I see you live on Love Street, there's a store where the creatures meet. I wonder what they do in there, summer sunday and a year. I guess I like it fine so far. -------------------------------------------- Gm - |355333| Fmaj - |xo321o| Bb - |113331|
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