Mi5 If I may Sol#5 If I might Do#5 Let me down Fa# We'd be Mi5 And if I say Sol#5 What it's like Do#5 I might be Fa# Dreaming Mi5 If I may Sol#5 What is right Do#5 Some may time Fa# Si La5 Do#5 Si5 To see me bleed Si5 La5 Do#5 Si5 Those years in is wanted Si5 La5 Do#5 Fa# And phrase from his pocket Fa# And chains holding the wind Mi5 Re5 Life long dream Sol#5 Mi5 Dream Sol#5 Mi5 Do Re Mi D--2--1-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A-- -- -- --4--2--0-- -- -- -- E-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --4--2--0 Mi5 Re#5 Do#5 Si5 La5 Sol#5 Fa#5 Mi If I may And if I might Wake me up And see me And if I do And if I like Find me out And see me And if I may Cold as ice I might have to See me dream The rays in his socket And phrase for his moment The chase on his socket I will need Dream Do Re Mi Wish me good Wish made light Find me down The seas On their way Just be quiet Follow hate Read me Yellow whale If I side Sink me how The TV If I may If I might Go to gut To bleed me And praise in his pocket Rays from his warm lip Chase from his owner In my tea Do Re Mi Don't rape me

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