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Jesus of suburbia (part 1), Green Day

PART 1: JESUS OF SUBURBIA DO[PARA] I´m the son of rage and love LA[PARA] The Jesus of suburbia Fam From the bible of none of the above Sol On a steady diet of DO[PARA] soda pop and Ritalin LA[PARA] No one ever died for my Fam sins in hellAs far as I can tell Sol At least the ones I got away with ESTRIBILLO: Do Lam And there´s nothing wrong with me This is how I´m supposed to be Fam In a land of make believe [PARA] That don´t believe in me [DO,FAm,MI]x2 DO[PARA] Get my television fix LAm[PARA] sitting on my crucifix Fam The living room in my private womb Sol While the moms and brads are away DO[PARA] To fall in love and fall in debt LAm[PARA] To alcohol and cigarettes Fam and Mary JaneTo keep me insane and Sol doing someone else´s cocaine SE REPITE EL ESTRIBILLO UNA VEZ MNAS Y DESPUES... DO[PARA] [BATERIA] LAm[PARA][BATERIA] ESTO SE REPITE 2 VECES Fam Sol
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