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Zero, Smashing pumpkins

'Zero', The Smashing Pumpkins __________________________________________________ *Género: Alternrock (rock alternativo) *Año: 90's *Email msn por cualquier duda: [email protected] *Duración: 2.40 *2007, buenos aires, argentina __________________________________________________ RIFF PRINCIPAL/INTRO: e|----------------- B|----------------- G|5/-4-4----------- D|x--x-x--2-2/3/2-- A|3/-2-2--2-2/3/2-- E|--------0-0-0-0-- My reflection, dirty mirror There's no connection to myself. I'm your lover, I'm your zero, I'm in the face of your dreams of glass. _____________________________________________ ESTRIBILLO: e|---------------------------- B|---------------------------- G|9---11---9--------12--11-9-- D|x---x----x--------x---x--x-- A|7---9----7--------10--9--7-- E|--0----0---0----0----------- So save your prayers For when we're really gonna need'em. Throw out your cares and fly........... WANNA GO FOR A RIDE?! _____________________________________________ RIFF PRINCIPAL: She's the one for me She's all I really need Cause she's the one for me _____________________________________________ BREAK: Emptiness is loneliness-and loneliness is cleanliness- And cleanliness is godliness-and God is empty just like... me e|------------------------------------ B|------------------------------------ G|------------------------------------ D|2--x----2--x-----2--x---------x----- A|2--x-x--2--x-x---2--x--x--2---xx--2- E|0--x-x--0--x-x---0--x--x--0---xx--0- etc _____________________________________________ SOLO: (ACOMPAÑAMIENTO DEL SOLO): e|------------------------------------- B|------------------------------------- G|------------------------------------- D|------------------------------------- A|3------1-----------3v--------1------- E|--1--3---0-0-0---------1--3----0-0-0- _____________________________________________ RIFF PRINCIPAL: Intoxicated with the madness, I'm in love with my sadness Bullshit fakers, enchanted kingdoms The fasion victims chew their charcoal teeth _____________________________________________ ESTRIBILLOS: I never let on, that I was on a sinking ship I never let on that I was down _____________________________________________ SOLO 2: _____________________________________________ ESTRIBILLO: You blame yourself, for what you can't ignore You blame yourself for wanting more. _____________________________________________ RIFF PRINCIPAL: She's the one for me She's all I really need -oh yeah- She's the one for me She's my one and ...t h e o n l y...
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