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My Friends, Red hot chili peppers

Intro/Verse: Chorus: Dm F6 G Em7+5 F F6 e:-{-----1-----------1---|------3-------------3---|1-----|1---------| B:-{-----3-----------3---|------3-------------3---|1-----|3---------| G:4{--2-----2-----2-----2|---0-----0--------------|2-----|2---------| D:4{0----------3---------|-------------h---2-----2|3-----|3---------| A:-{---------------------|2-----------2/3---------|------|----------| E:-{---------------------|------------------------|------|----------| My Friends are so depressed..... I love all of you F G F6 e:1----3-----|1----|-} B:1----3-----|3----|-} G:2----0-----|2----|-} D:3----0-----|3----|-} A:-----2-----|-----|-} E:-----3-----|-----|-} hurt by the cold... e:-Chords:------- B:-Dm:xx0231----- G:-F6:xx3231----- D:-G:320033------ A:-Em7+5:x320033- E:-F:1123-------- Ledgend e:--h---------------------- B:-x/y:hammer-on----------- G:------------------------- D:-{}:beggingig/end-of-song A:------------------------- E:-4{---------------------- 4{:Time signiture Lyrics: My friends are so depressed I feel the question Of your loneliness Confide... cause I'll be on your side You know I will, you know I will X Girlfriend called me up Alone and desperate On the prison phone They want... to give her 7 years For being sad Chorus : I love all of you Hurt by the cold So hard and lonely too When you don't know yourself My friends are so distressed And standing on The brink of emptiness No words... I know of to express This emptiness Chorus : Imagine me taught by tragedy Release is peace I heard a little girl And what she said Was something beautiful To give... your love No matter what ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tabbed by Alejandro Basilewsky C G Am I love all of you C D A Hurt by the cold C G Am So hard and lonely too C D A When you don't know yourself C G Am I love all of you C D A Hurt by the cold C G Am So hard and lonely too C D A
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