Highway to Hell, AC/DC

Highway To Hell INTRO: A D/f# G D/f# G D/F# G D/F# A E------------------------------------------------------------------------------ B-----------2--2--2-----------3--3--3------3--3--3-----3--3--3------------2--2- G-----------2--2--2-----------2--2--0------2--2--0-----2--2--0------2-----2--2- D-----------2--2--2-----------0--0--0------0--0--0-----0--0--0------0-----2--2- A-----------0--0--0-------------------------------------------------------0--0- E-----------------------------2--2--3------2--2--3-----2--2--3------2---------- A A A D D/F# G D D/F# G Livin` easy, livin` free, D D/F# G D/F# A A Season ticket on a one way ride A A A D D/F# G D D/F# G Askin` nothin, leave me be. D D/F# G D/F# A A Takin` ev`rythin` in my stride. Don`t need reason, don`t need rhyme, Ain`t nothin` i`d rather do. goin` down, party time. E5 <-----instead of an A. my friends are gonna be there too. Chorus A A A D/A G --º i`m on a highway to hell Repeat D/F# A A A D/A G on the highway to hell --º Additional verses no stop signs, speed limit, nobody`s gonna slow me down. like a wheel, gonna spin it. nobody`s gonna mess me around. Hey, satan, pay`n` my dues, playin` in a rockin` band. hey, momma, look at me. I`m on my way to the promised land. Highway to Hell --------------- AC/DC As has been posted already the main riff goes like: E ---------------|----------------|----------------|---------------- B ---2---2---2---|---3---3---3----|---3---3---3----|---3---3---3---- G ---2---2---2---|---2---2---0----|---2---2---0----|---2---2---0---- D ---2---2---2---|---0---0---0----|---0---0---0----|---0---0---0---- A ---0---0---0---|----------------|----------------|---------------- E ---------------|---2---2---3----|---2---2---3----|---2---2---3---- E -----------|------- B -------2---|---2--- G ---2---2---|---2--- D ---0---2---|---2--- A -------0---|---0--- E ---2-------|------- The chorus then goes like this: on the high - way to hell E ----2---|-------------------2----|-- B ----3---|---2---2---2---2---3----|-- G ----2---|---2---2---2---2---2----|-- D ----0---|---2---2---2---2---0----|-- A ----0---|---0---0---0---0---0----|-- E ----2---|------------------------|-- And the guitar solo bit : (after `Don`t stop me !`) E --2---3---3---2-----|--3---3---3---2----2----|------5------------------- B --3---3---3---3-----|--3---3---3---3----3----|----5---------5-5------5-- G --3---3---3---3-----|--3---3---3---3----2--7b(9)------7b(9)-----7b(9)--- D --0---0---0---0-----|--0---0---0---0----0----|-------------------------- A --0---0---0---0-----|--0---0---0---0----0----|-------------------------- E --------------------|------------------------|-------------------------- E -----------------------------------|----------------|------------------------ B -5--------5--5-------5--5--7--(8)r7b(8)-------------|------------------------ G ----7b(9)------7b(9)-------7--(8)r7b(8)--5-----7---5b(6)--------------------- D -----------------------------------|--------7-------|-------4--(5)r4--2------ A -----------------------------------|----------------|-----X-------------3--0- E -----------------------------------|----------------|------------------------ E ----------5-----------|----------5--X---------|----------------5-- B -------------5--------|----------5--X-----5---|------------------- G -2--4b(6)------(6)r4--|-2--0-----------4b(5)--|---2--0--X--/2----- D ----------------------|-----------------------|------------------- A ----------------------|-------0---------------|------------------- E ----------------------|-----------------------|------------------- E ---------------------------|- B -5-------------------------|- G ---4--(5)r4--X/14--X/18---|- D ---------------------------|- A ---------------------------|- E ---------------------------|- The trill bit at the end is just frets 12 and 15 on the top string. Notation used: 5b(7) play at fret 5 and bend to fret 7 (7)r5 play string already bent to fret 7 and release to fret 5 4/6 and 64 slide up/down from..to X play muted string HIGHWAY TO HELL (AC/DC) =============== -- from AC/DC`s _Highway_to_Hell_ (1979) --rhythm guitar transcr. tcg, 1994 . . . {WARNING!:

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